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Is painless Possible?

We are committed to you having a pain-free dental experience. Is it always possible? Not always, but almost always. That's our goal at the Cloverdale Dental Clinic! We have been told by patients that the doctor's needles are amazing and that when an appointment is over, they couldn't believe it was as painless as it was—even when it's a root canal! But there's more to comfort than pain free needles. For the severely nervous dental patient, we offer sedation dentistry to control any anxiety we offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, and other pain management techniques to help make your dental visit as pain free as possible.


We understand that trying to arrange daycare so you can come to a dental appointment can be difficult. We have earned a reputation as a dental clinic that provides a level of convenience that is unsurpassed. How so? Besides being available for our patients 12 hours a day, 6 days a week, we provide services you simply don't find on any street corner or strip mall. We have not one, but two waiting rooms—one where kids can be noisy and one for adults! We have staff that will watch (and play) with your children in the Cloverdale Dental Clinic Kid’s Arcade. We even have a closed circuit video system which is linked to a laptop computer so you can see what your kids are up to even as you are sitting on the dental chair! If you would like to take advantage of our free babysitting, please let the front desk person know when booking your appointment.

Adults get pampered too

We have an adults-only private reception area (no kids) which is not just quiet and peaceful, but we greet you with gourmet coffee, specialty teas, fruit juices and more. We have a computer station and wi-fi access for parents so they can use their time efficiently when they bring their children in for dental care. Yet by far, the most popular form of pampering in our reception area, is our massage chairs! That's right, chairs (plural). The first one was so popular that we bought a second one! It's an amazing way to unwind and get rid of your daily stress prior to your appointment—many patients even come in a half-hour early just to take advantage of this one special way we express our commitment to our patient's comfort. But where are the kids if the adults have their own reception area?

In the Cloverdale Dental Kid’s Arcade!

That's right. We have an arcade! In a dental clinic! To our knowledge we are the only family practice in the province (maybe in the whole country) that has an arcade. That's so the kids can have recreation while the adults can have relaxation. The kids can have fun and be noisy, while our adult patients can have peace and quiet. The adults certainly prefer it that way, and as for the kids? Well, the kids don't want to leave. They LOVE coming to see us. The reason is simple. First and foremost, we want our younger patients to think of a trip to the dentist as being a treat, not a terror. In fact, our #1 priority at the Cloverdale Dental Clinic is that our "little" patients don’t grow up being anxious about going to the dentist (our second most important priority is that our "big" patients, who may already be anxious about going to the dentist, have a new kind of experience which dispels that fear). Are we successful in achieving our #1 priority? Just ask any of our little patients! Or ask the Moms and Dads! Or if you don't know any of our patients from your neighborhood, then take a look through the comments on our Testimonial page. We put a lot of extra energy, emotion and effort into the little ones, and it shows from what they have to say. The most frequent comment we get from the 12 and under age group is that they LOVE coming to see us because we've created an environment where going to the dentist is an ADVENTURE in FUN! The most frequent comment we get from parents of our little friends is that if their children cry, they're only crying when they find out that Mom or Dad have a dental appointment and they don't get to go!

Anxiety about Dentistry?

Studies show that 85% of Baby Boomers have some degree of anxiety about getting dental treatment. While most learn to manage their anxiety once they feel comfortable with a given dental practitioner, there are others who require assistance to overcome past anxiety. Ask us about our sedation services, including nitrous oxide (laughing gas) for those patients who prefer a little helping hand.