Dr. Kevin Orieux


Raised on Vancouver Island, Dr. Orieux took his dental training at the University of Manitoba to take advantage of their orthodontic training. Upon graduation in 1989, he came to the Cloverdale Dental Clinic and worked for five years alongside Dr. O’Connor (who interestingly used to be Dr. Orieux’s dentist in Courtenay and employed Dr. Orieux’s sister as his chairside assistant) before taking over the practice upon Dr. O’Connor’s retirement.

A typical week will see balancing his two passions—treating patients and teaching others. He has a dual role in the dental community; besides providing dental care for our patients in crown and bridgework, orthodontics and cosmetic restorations, Dr. Orieux also provides teamwork training to doctors and their staff in clinics across North America. He has served on the Board of Directors for dental organizations at the provincial, national as well as international levels, and has received numerous awards and distinctions, including five international awards of excellence for dental education.

Dr. Orieux has the distinction of being the youngest dentist in the world to receive a Fellowship in the Academy of Dentistry International, an honor society that recognizes those dentists who have made a worldwide impact in the realms of dental education and dental science.